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This album is my first and is the culmination of my efforts to get a number of songs I have written over the years recorded. The album title track, Zoom Zoom Zoom, is an expression of the joy I get from flying my own homebuilt airplane. The other songs on this album are more of my positive view of the world and the magic of looking at it through the eyes of a child. Maybe they will bring some joy to you as well.
(Click on the individual song titles for track liner notes, artwork and lyrics, or click the arrows to play the songs and or whole album.)

The title track Zoom Zoom Zoom inspired a children's book that I wrote, illustrated and published in 2010. Find it here: www.blurb.com/b/1584218-zoom-zoom-zoom


released January 21, 2017

music & lyrics, William Lambdin
guitar, keyboard & vocals, William Lambdin



all rights reserved


William Morris (aka Lanny) Lambdin Amherst, Virginia

I grew up in a house that was always filled with music, from opera and hymns to musicals and the symphonies of the classical composers. As a consequence, my head has always been full of tunes and my song-writing has flowed from that wealth of music as well as the rock and blues I have gravitated to as an adult. My inner child stays close by, so my creations are mostly for kids - of all ages. ... more

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Track Name: Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Train
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Train

Come on let's ride this train today
Hurry up, come on, without delay
Come on let's ride this train away
Double time, pick it up, no time to play

It's got a little red caboose
Cowcatcher, or maybe a moose
I trust these coach cars won't come loose

All aboard, this train is ready to go
Watch your step, take care, don't stump your toe
All aboard, can't you hear that whistle blow
Down the isle, find your seat, the very next row

The conductor will come by soon
He'll be whistling a happy tune
And announce that lunch is served at noon


Chugga chugga choo choo train
Chugga chugga choo choo train
Coming down the tracks again, choo choo train
All aboard

Pretty soon the city is left behind
No schools, no factories, places to dine
Grain fields and cows of every kind
The numbers and colors just blow my mind

Listen to that clickety clack
Steel wheels against the track
We may just never be going back

But too soon it's over and home we go
It was a super traveling show
Could be my best ride, I think it's so
Such sights and sounds, so little dough

Goodbye Mr. Engineer
Your pride in your train is clear
For a great job let's all give a cheer


(at end) "Moosecatcher, that's ridiculous"
Track Name: Anything You Dare
Anything You Dare

The air is filled with butterflies
You offer up your hand
A thousand floating butterflies
Perhaps a place to land

And now you are a butterfly
Dancing in the air
And you can do most anything
Anything you dare
Anything you dare
Track Name: A Bee That Had No Buzz
A Bee That Had No Buzz

Once I heard there was
A bee that had no buzz
Now what could a buzzless bee do
Well if you thought a buzz
Could be all a bee was
Just watch this buzzless be fly

He flies from flower to flower
Hour after hour
Doesn't seem to have a care
Though he flies without a sound
Some distance from the ground
Oh what a happy buzzless bee is he


May I remind you
If you have a mind to
You can be this happy too
If you choose to be
You too can be
As happy as a buzzless bee

When his wings he employs
He never hears a noise
Because he has no buzz
No matter sun or showers
He still can smell the flowers
And that is reason to sing

Don't dwell on what might be
Some day you may thank me
For giving such good advice
Like a happy buzzless bee
Just be all you can be
Delight in the wonder that is you

Track Name: You've Got Magic
You've Got Magic

Hocus Pocus, Mumbo Jumbo, no Abracadabra, or Alacazam
No, no, no, Hocus Pocus, Mumbo Jumbo, no Abracadabra,
or Alacazam

'Cause you've got magic
Oh such magic
There's magic in your smile

And it's tragic
Oh so tragic
Some people never learned how to smile (let's show 'em how)

Turn a Frown
Upside down
And you get a smile


You've got a smile
A great big beautiful smile that spreads a mile or more
I think it's the thing about you that I most adore
There's magic believe me, there's magic in what you do
'Cause when you smile the whole world smiles right back at you
And you don't need...(repeat from beginning)
Track Name: Elvis

I have an old hound dog
He wears a sad face
His tongue and his ears
Flop all over the place

He sleeps all night long
And rests through the day
Stays close to home
Doesn't have much to say


I say,
Come on ol' boy
Let's go down to the pond
He opens one eye
But his feet don't respond
Squirrels scamper by
Right in front of his nose
But he doesn't budge
Doesn't care I suppose

He's got droopy eyes
And his skin doesn't fit
He shakes in his sleep
And he snores quit a bit
He hangs out all day
Doesn't work for his keep
And after he eats
He just lies in a heap


One day he'll be gone
And I guess I won't care
No more in my way
Sleeping under my chair
I'll throw out his dog dish
Get rid of his house
I'll have no more pets
No, not even a mouse


I once had a hound dog
He chewed up my shoes
Destroyed my papers
Cared not for the news
I guess I must say, though
When all's said and done
Having a hound dog
Can sometimes be fun
Track Name: Sing Me A Song
Sing Me A Song

Some nights when the wind blows
I snuggle up and cover my nose
Hey ho nobody knows
What I'll be dreaming when my eyes close


When I grow up I will be
Much like you but more like me
I'll sing to my kids
Like you sing to me

Sing me a song that I know
One about people and places I'll go
Sing me all of the words
Don't skip a single word that I've heard


When you finish my song
I'll be too sleepy to sing along
Kiss me and tuck me in tight
And I'll go a'dreaming 'till morning light

Track Name: The Man In The Moon
The Man In The Moon


The Man in the moon
Whistles a tune
Watching the starry sky
He looks here and there
He looks everywhere
Nothing escapes his eye
(last chorus) Nothing escapes his eye, Sleep tight now, beddy bye

When I'm asleep I dream me to the moon
So I can visit the Man
He confesses he can't stand blue cheese
Says it just makes him wheeze


(different) He looks up and down, he looks all around..

He points out the planets, a comet or two
The earth, so beautifully blue
We dine on the view, a celestial stew
Quite the gourmet menu


(different) He looks up and down, he looks all around...

Bouncing and leaping from crater to dune
No sounds but such sights to see
Thanks to the gravity here on the moon
There's just one sixth of me

I awake rubbing moon dust from my eye
I forget if I told him goodbye
What a blast I had with the Man in the moon
Sure hope I can go back real soon


(final only) He looks left and right, he looks day and night...
He looks near and far, to the most distant star...
Track Name: I Can't Help But Sing
I Can't Help But Sing

Frogs have to croak, dogs got to bark
Fish must swim and I can't help but sing

Pigs got to squeal, snakes have to slide
Birds must fly and I can't help but sing


Sing about the world all around me
Sing about the universe above
Sing about the puzzles that confound me
Sing about the people that I love

Boats' made to float, planes s'posed to fly
Trains must roll and I can't help but sing

Rain has to fall, tide's got to turn
Dawn must break, and I can't help but sing


(repeat first verse)

Track Name: More Than Eyes Can See
More Than Eyes Can See

Sitting right here
Quiet as a mouse
Quieter than dust
In the corner of my house, I am

Sitting real still
Closing my eyes
I can't be seen
'Cause I have disappeared from view

I can't see the clock
Its hands must still turn
Who knows how long
I can sit this still without moving


Seeing is believing
I have heard it said
I believe in listening
There's more than eyes can see

It's quiet in here
I think I could
Hear a pin drop
Why I think I could hear a tear drop

Listening for sounds
I hear my heart
Pumping my blood
From my head down to my toes and back

I'm happy inside
I think I feel
A smile on my face
I can even feel you smiling too

Track Name: Zoom Zoom Zoom
Zoom Zoom Zoom

My airplane's not so fast
And it can't go too far
But I do much prefer it
To my earth-bound car

I can't begin to tell you
Why I feel this way
I only know that in my plane
I just get carried away


And I go zoom, zoom, zoom
As I wear a great big smile
Cut my engine back
And I coast for a while

And I go zoom, zoom, zoom
Up where the eagles fly
There's nothing so fun, seems to me
As playing in the sky

My airplane has an engine
And a twisted prop
And I can fly near half the day
As long as they don't stop

The wind beneath the wings above me
Keeps me in the air
As long as I have altitude
I haven't got a care


My airplane has just one seat
So I must fly alone
But being by yourself's OK
When you feel right at home

My next plane will have seats for two
So I can share the joy
Of flying in the skies of blue
In my grown up toy